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Is it really “All Natural”?

If the meat, chicken or fish you buy does not say antibiotic-free and/or hormonefree…it’s not! Since the FDA doesn’t regulate products designated all natural, it’s an empty claim. For chicken, look for the organic label. And when buying any packaged food, remember that “natural” or “all natural” labeling does not mean that it’s organic or GMO-free.

Are you a “beanie weenie”?

If you don’t eat beans (aka legumes), you’re missing out on a nutritional powerhouse, packed with protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron, potassium and more. They’re also filling and low in fat, making them an essential part of your diet. Further, beans fight cancer, lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar (with a low glycemic index), provide antioxidents, are heart-healthy and can even help you lose weight! Best choices include garbanzo, lentil, black and red bean varieties. One caution…if you have food allergies, gout or are taking certain medications for depression, consult with your doctor before adding legumes to your diet.

What farm-raise food should you stay away from?

Farm-raised is fine for meat and eggs (where else would they be coming from?), but fish may be another story. According to the Cleveland Clinic, some farmraised fish, such as salmon, tilapia and catfish are raised in cramped, often unsanitary aquafarms, and fed varying doses of antibiotics. Not only is the consumption of antibiotics possible, so are unhealthy doses of certain known carcinogens…like a nasty chemical called PCB, which is five times more likely to be found in fish from farms. Further, these fish can as much as double the fat and calories you’ll likely find in wild-caught varieties.

Good News!

Saturated fat in red meat, butter and eggs does not increase your risk of heart disease or stroke, according to 23 years of comprehensive studies and meta-analysis at Harvard and other institutions. In moderation, you should still be able to enjoy these foods without risk to your health.

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