Occupational Health Care Referrals and Resources

Workplace Wellness Advice and Information

Your workplace safety and wellness is a complex project. You can count on us to provide and implement expert industry practices, so you can focus on your business.


Occupational Health Care Associates has a number of trusted resources that we recommend to our clients and provide to you for the best healthcare related advice and information.

Our Preferred Recommendations Include

  • Nurse Case Management: www.maxmedimprovements.com
  • Durable Medical Equipment Provider: www.kinexmedical.com
  • Full-Service Radiology Center: www.kenosharadcenter.com
    30% Reduction in Price
  • With over 32 years of industrial hygiene experience, Kay Rowntree, CIH, has provided industrial hygiene consultation to small, medium and large employers in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education, and service sectors: http://www.ihsciences.com
  •  Since 1982, American Industrial Medical, Inc. (AIM) has provided onsite health screens and related health & safety program direction to businesses in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, and Iowa: www.aimedical.com

Our Professional Affiliations Include

For more information about the benefits of implementing an occupational health program, pricing or questions about the resources we’ve provided, contact us.

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