Having issues sleeping?

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You may think you’re getting a good night’s rest, but you could still be one of an estimated 22 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea and don’t even know it! Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes you to stop and start breathing repeatedly, disrupting important, profoundly restful REM sleep, which often elevates both blood pressure and heart rate. It may also be a sign of other health problems like diabetes or obesity. Not only do you feel tired during the day, overtime, you increase your chances of a heart attack or stroke. Best defense? Talk with your physician. If a sleep study confirms sleep apnea, it can be successfully treated. And now a new treatment called Provent may eliminate the need for traditional CPAP devices in some sufferers. Again, ask your doctor. Visit mayoclinic.com to learn more.

Smell your way to better sleep?

Could be! Just pick up some lavender in any health food store! You can breathe in the scent straight from the container, or put it in an aerosol bottle and spray it in the bedroom or on your pillow just before you lay down. Studies show that lavender not only helps you sleep through the night, it also reduces anxiety and depression.

Falling asleep at bedtime should typically take you 15-20 minutes. If it’s five or less, you may be sleep deprived.

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